The approach as well as the solutions that will be developed during the project, both with respect to the services offered to ILONET communities, both on the specialized training aimed at network members, will constitute a path of capitalization of innovative practices  among which:

- A specialized training program aimed at strengthening the skills of ILONET managers as part of the optimization of the results of the technological and industrial research;

- The sharing about the regulatory instruments by ILONET community regarding commissioned research, intellectual property and spin-offs;

- Custom accompaniment paths aimed at strengthening the execution capacity of the entrepreneurial teams that drive spin-offs and start-ups founded in the context of public research;

- Real services about "Proof-of-Concept" and "business case" to be provided to the aforementioned business realities to support them in the evaluation process of the applicability of the inventions and / or patents (produced internally or purchased from outside), as well as in understanding of their potential industrial use.